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You like me
Just the way I am
Gerry finally asked me out today.

Current Mood: loved loved
Current Music: Oasis :: Wonderwall

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"What do you call those people who don't drink and are vegetarian? Oh, now I know - lesbians!"

That's probably the greatest thing my nephew has ever said.

[Edit] The point of the entry was that this was a completely random statement made by my nine year old nephew. It was funny. Laugh.

Current Mood: amused amused

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Look! It's my sex organs!

It all hurts.
All of it.

Current Mood: sore menstrual

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Building snow forts is fun.

Current Mood: ecstatic snowfortishness
Current Music: Travis :: Flowers in the Window

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My entire week has been about these two words: aggressive sledding.

Had a good time Monday nite with Gerry, Chris, Erin, and Tammy partaking in some aggressive sledding at UMass at 1am. Geez, who knew it was going to be so cold? We were kinda running low on sleds. Actually, there were no sleds. There was a plastic saucer thing, a boogie board, a pool tube, a plastic mat, and the Game Crazy banner. The Game Crazy banner worked the best - plus, we could all fit on it!

Erin and I both left in pain. While aggressively sledding down the hill standing up she hit a bump and took a tumble face first. I decided to go down on the snow tube whilst straddling Chris and went flying when we hit the snow/ice ramp and landed neck first.

You'd think that people from Massachusetts would be more prepared for sledding and would have proper sleds. Eff that!

I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today and bought a snow saucer (called the TURBO SAUCER!) and a snow boogie board. Hella cool. Now I'm prepared. Plus I've got the pool float, lol.

There's suppose to be some type of big snow storm Sunday nite.

Bring. It. On.

Now that classes are starting Monday, I'll be able to sled with all my friends!


Current Mood: bouncy bouncy
Current Music: Kashmir :: Ruby Over Diamonds

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i heart the emo.

p.s. happy belated new year.

Current Mood: annoyed angst angst angst!
Current Music: iron & wine :: such great heights

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Oh holy mutha - the curse has been reversed!

This is like, one of the sweetest moments of my life. I've been bawling like a little bitch.

I just... can't believe it! I mean, only in my wildest dreams did I expect them to actually win the World Series. And never mind win the World Series... but SWEEP! It's just so very sweet.

To think of all the Red Sox fans who dedicated their whole lives to this team (my grandfather included), and passed on without seeing them win, it just feels soo AWESOME to be watching this with my very own eyes. It only took 86 fucking years!

This is just too fucking great.


Ahh! I gotta go, because I'm too excited.


PS - Anyone check out that lunar eclipse? Probably not... lol


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What Would Johnny Do?

lol thanks Laura. :D

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: my own laughter

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meguinmoo: What do you think will happen if I burn this rubber band? It'll probably burn...

_poeticdreamer: It will melt. And if it does burn, it's because of the red dye.

::meguinmoo procedes to light the rubber band with her lighter::

meguinmoo: Eww, it smells like burnt rubber!

almostfamousmeg: That's because it's a rubber band...

meguinmoo: Crazy sex!

almostfamousmeg + _poeticdreamer: ???

Current Mood: amused amused
Current Music: Scissor Sisters :: Laura

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Oh Yankees - WHO'S YOUR DADDY!?! Or rather - WHO'S YOUR PAPI? Muahahahahaha!

That game couldn't have been more sweeter. The Sox made the Yankees their bitch, right in their own stadium, lmao!

I'm so happy, I could just go riot with the rest of 'em at UMass... but I won't.

Seeing all the Yankee players and their fans looking like they were going to cry made me laugh... It made me laugh really really hard. I know that's really fucked up, but I don't care. Now you know how we've felt every single year... up till now.

I definitely knew that the Sox had what it takes to win this year, especially considering that Jesus Christ himself has returned and is patrolling center field for the Sox.
Blessed with heavenly hitting skills!
Bless you Johnny Damon!

Ahhhh sweet redemption!

Yay! :)

Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic
Current Music: Dropkick Murphys :: Tessie

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