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21 June
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Guess what! I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow bell!
35mm, absolutely fabulous, acting, alcohol, almost famous, amnesty international, ancestry, andy warhol, angela's ashes, angels, animals, art, astrology, austin powers, australia, bbc, beck, being real, benicio del toro, bob dylan, boston, brian molko, bridget jones, buddha, candles, cds, celtic music, coldplay, colin farrell, cooper temple clause, coupling, cultures, damien rice, dan hawkins, dashboard confessional, daydreaming, depression, disney, disneyworld, diversity, donovan, drugs, dvds, dylan thomas, england, feeder, flower children, flute, forrest gump, fortune cookies, frank mccourt, friends, gaelic, guinness, guitar, guster, happiness, harry potter, hippies, history, ice cream, ireland, jack kerouac, janis joplin, jean michel basquiat, jimmy page, john lennon, justin hawkins, kate hudson, keane, kevin smith, led zeppelin, livejournal, london, lord of the rings, love, lovemaking, mittens, mixtapes, monty python, movies, muse, music, nicole kidman, nikon, nirvana, northern ireland, oasis, oxfam international, painting, partying, paul frank, peace, penpals, pets, philosophy, photography, piano, piccolo, pink floyd, placebo, poetry, politics, radiohead, reading, religion, rings, robbie williams, ross halfin, rudyard kipling, rune casting, saturday night live, scarlet page, scotland, sex, shamrocks, shows, sleeping, snow patrol, soccer, south park, st. patrick's day, sylvia plath, tarot, tattoos, ted hughes, the beatles, the clash, the cooper temple clause, the darkness, the doors, the killers, the rolling stones, the troggs, the vines, thrusting, travel, travis, trey parker, u.k., u2, velvet goldmine, w.b. yeats, wales, weezer, writing, zen

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